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A '90s Millennial originally from Miami, FL. Blanca G. aka GOODBEATZ was a disc jockey in her early 20's immediately becoming drawn to remixing and producing her own tracks. To further expand her understanding of music production as well as audio recording techniques, composition, and theory she graduated from Full Sail University in 2017.


It was through her studies where a discovery took place, a passion for video game audio. Deeply immersed in PC, console, and handheld games at a very young age, her work reflects a modern retro-infused creation of sounds. With a multitude of musical styles creating a uniqueness that’s unparalleled and vast proficiency in the field of acoustics, Blanca G. marks the dawning of a fresh era for audio production. 






Sound Design


Designing SFX, FOL, and BG sculpting naturalistic and abstract soundscapes waiting to unfold.


Electronic Music Production


Specializing in original electronic genre MX (various subgenres of House, Chiptune, Dubstep, Trip-hop, Chillwave, Synthwave, etc.).



Implementing DX, MX, SFX, FOL, and BG building dynamic interactive environments.


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