From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame.


Hi, my name is Blanca G. and I am a Reptar loving Crash Bandicoot jumping '90s humanoid from Miami, FL. In my early 20's I started off my sonic journey as an EDM DJ, immediately drawn to remixing and producing my own tracks; further expanding my understanding of music production, audio recording techniques, composition, and theory.


I graduated from Full Sail University in 2017. It was during my studies where I developed a passion for all things video game audio, sound design in particular. I love the creativity that comes with sound design providing endless possibilities. There is just something very rewarding about bringing into fruition the characters and worlds created by such imaginative minds. 


Deeply immersed in PC, console, and handheld games at a very young age, I'm an avid gamer always eager to work in the industry no matter the project.






Sound Design


Sound effects, dialogue, and ambiance are my holy grail. There is nothing more satisfying than crafting abstract and naturalistic audio elements and bringing them together to create a cohesive and truly immersive game.


Music Production


My specialty lies within electronic genres of music. I love me a good synth, especially when combined with orchestral instruments. That's just a fusion of epic proportions waiting to happen!



Towards the end of their journey, I make sure that my audio babies (assets) are correctly implemented and working as intended in-game so they can fabricate the interactive environments they were destined to.


Contact me for further info, to discuss your projects, or just to say hi!

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